Happy's Safety Tips...Going to and from school


1. Get to the bus stop on time. Always walk. Never run.

2. Stand back from the road. Wait quietly in a safe place until the bus comes to a complete stop.

3. Hold the handrail while going up the stairs.

4. Listen and pay attention to the driver's instructions.

5. Go directly to a seat. Make sure your seat belt is securely on.

6. Speak quietly while riding to school. Don't distract the driver unnecessarily.

7. Stay seated while traveling. Keep the bus aisle clear.

8. Always be respectful to others.


1. Hold on to the railing going down the stairs.

2. Step off carefully and walk fifteen feet away from the bus.

3. If crossing the street, walk 10 feet ahead of the bus and look for the bus driver's universal signal indicating it is safe to cross.

4. Be alert. Always listen for the bus driver's horn (which signals danger). Should it be heard, immediately stop crossing the street and return to the curb.

5. Stay away from the danger zones that surround the bus. Don't pick up dropped items, or crawl under the bus, since the driver may not be able to see you.

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