Happy School Bus

Happy School Bus is always excited about life and the children she sees everyday.

Happy wakes up early each morning, before dawn, and cannot hide her enthusiasm about learning all about school bus safety and transportation.

Being with all the children and their parents, and becoming a part of the school bus fleet, both inspires her and keeps her enthusiasm alive.

Happy was born in East Northport, New York, a beautiful community of rolling hills adjacent to Long Island Sound.

Her father, George, happens to be a big flat nose school bus, which transports 67 children, three in a seat, all safely-buckled up. Her mother, Lulu, is a lovely, conventional school bus that transports 40 children to and from school, as well as field trips and sport activities.

Happy's mother and father have been transporting school children, teachers, and parents for a long time. They want to train Happy to be the very best school bus in service... always focusing on the safety of children.

Happy has already learned that her big blue eyes will have to be observant of all activity that comes into her path.

To help Happy be happy, please download her School Bus Safety Tips and put them into practice whenever traveling on a school bus.

If you have a suggestion for Happy and/or would like to join the Happy School Bus Fan Club, please drop a note to her at her e-mail address below:

Happy's E-mail Address at the Bus Barn

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